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We Now Stock Green & Black's Organic Chocolate

Wonderfully tasty Green & Black's Organic Chocolate now in stock - well a little of what you fancy does you no harm! All bars are 100g in weight. These are now available to order online, and the range stocked is as follows:

Raisin & Hazelnut - Cocoa rich milk chocolate with raisins and hazelnuts

Mint - Bittersweet dark 70% chocolate with a soft mint centre

Milk - Made with more cocoa for a darker intense taste (34% Cocoa)

White - Creamy vanilla white chocolate

Dark - 70% Cocoa

Maya Gold - Dark chocolate infused with spices and a twist of orange (55% Cocoa)

Butterscotch - Milk chocolate with crunchy butterscotch pieces (34% Cocoa)

Ginger - Dark chocolate with inherent warmth from crystallised ginger (60% Cocoa)

Cherry - Dark chocolate with whole cherries for that bittersweet sensation (60% Cocoa)

Also now in stock is home made Aberfeldy tablet. Sold in bars with a minimum weight of 60g, these are ideal for those of us with a sweet tooth! Available to order online under the Organic Chocolate & Local Tablet section of the order form.